Android App Developer Gizmoquip Launches Three New Apps As Its Popular SMSTracker App Hits 1.5 Million Downloads

By SAMPLE AUTHOR | August 07, 2013

AUSTIN, TX, August 7, 2013 - Gizmoquip, an Android app development company in Austin, TX, has launched three new free apps now available on Google Play that give users more control over their Android devices. The three new Gizmoquip apps are Call Blocker & Text Blocker, SMS Scheduler and SMS Backup & Restore. Additionally, its flagship app, SMSTracker Agent, has reached 1.5 million downloads.

Call Blocker & Text Blocker lets users block unwanted calls and text messages by letting them choose from five blocking modes including Blacklist, Whitelist, Contacts Only, Block All, and Accept All. Blocked calls are sent silently to voicemail. A notification icon is displayed when a call is blocked so users can see calls that were blocked. Additional features are included such as blocking specific phone numbers, area codes, etc. so users will never have to receive any annoying calls or text messages.

The SMS Scheduler allows users to schedule text messages to be sent anytime in the future to individual and multiple recipients. Users can also create recurring text messages to serve as reminders to yourself or friends. Text messages can also be translated into a different language. For now, English to Chinese translations are available. Additional languages will be added in future versions.

With SMS Backup & Restore, users now have the ability to save their SMS and Multimedia messages to an SD Card or forward their texts via email, MMS, DropBox or Skype. The app makes it easier to transfer text messages from an old device to a new one ensuring nothing gets lost. Users can also choose where to backup their text messages with the SD Card as the default. SMS Backup & Restore is fully compatible with other Gizmoquip apps including SMS Scheduler, SMS Tracker and Call Blocker & Text Blocker.

"With the rapid growth of SMSTracker to more than 1.5 million downloads since launching in 2011, we are now able to develop more apps that give users peace of mind and more control over their Android devices," said Michael Kupka, CEO at Gizmoquip.